Wash Your Hands of Dirty Data

Data quality is simple as washing your hands, right?

Most companies don’t realize until too late that they have data quality issues and often are uncovered as a result of loss in revenue or business due to integrity of the data. In fact, in a recent Gartner study, 36% of participants estimated they’re losing more than $1 million annually due to data quality issues. The costs are high. Don’t fool yourself into making partial fixes that allow data quality gaps.

To be effective, data quality must contain key components that profile, audit, cleanse and remediate data with easy to use interfaces.

Data quality is the process of transforming inaccurate, incomplete, and redundant data into data that serves your business needs and goals. Typically it involves updating it, standardizing, and de-duplicating to create a single view of the data. The integrity of your business relies on the quality of your data.

Trustworthy data can improve your ability to:

  • Establish integrity and trust with customers
  • Reduce your cost and improve operational efficiency
  • Optimize business process and eliminate rework
  • Increase business and opportunities

Bad Data is Contagious

Ventas and Pervasive keep your data clean, your system healthy, and unhealthy practices quarantined.

Pervasive Data Integrator™ Benefits:

  • Universal Connectivity with any data source and application
  • Reliability to get the data you need
  • Easy to use
  • Lowest TCO (according to Bloor Research Report)

Pervasive Data Profiler™ Benefits:

  • Proactive data auditing
  • Data compliance with 100% testing of data
  • Immediate ROI with out-of-the-box usability
  • Testing and validation of data across multiple platforms

Pervasive Data MatchMerge™ Benefits:

  • Fast, precise results for immediate ROI
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Better reporting and business analysis
  • One accurate customer view


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