Salesforce Health Check Up


What’s Your State of Health for Your Salesforce Environment?

We all know that there are so many ways that you can utilize Salesforce to fit your business model. But are you leveraging it to it’s fullest potential? Are you running out of storage space?  Are there too many triggers and workflows that you don’t know up from down? Too many installed packages that are no longer in use?

According to a 2015 Informatica sponsored report called the State of Salesforce, “in 2014 44% of companies released changes to their Salesforce instance at least monthly. This year, 64% of companies are releasing at least monthly—a 20% jump.” Salesforce does a minimum of 3 releases a year with new features and functions, which can sometimes cause errors in customize code, triggers, workflows and applications from the appexchange.This is why it’s important to reevaluate the health of your Salesforce instance and innovate new processes to build a better sales environment.

Just like it’s important to clean up and monitor your data that’s within your database it is also important to audit and set goals for your Salesforce system. Salesforce Health Checks can help identify areas where best practices and standard functionality are not being utilized. They are a great way to measure throughout the year how well the CRM is operating.

Ventas Consulting is offering a free Salesforce Health Check to review your current use of Salesforce and recommend best practices that will help you improve productivity and reduce risk within your system.

Your health check will include the following:

  • Governance & Security Audit
  • Business Process Review
  • Configuration & Code Review
  • Solution Design Review
  • User Adoption Analysis

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