How Salesforce CRM Can Help You Emerge Stronger Post-Pandemic

In a recent article, Simon Mulcahy, Salesforce’s Chief Innovation Officer, outlined five disciplines that companies can adopt to ensure they emerge stronger in a world forever changed by COVID-19. The disciplines were:

  1. How you make decisions
  2. How you engage customers
  3. How you work
  4. How you embrace technology
  5. How you serve society

While all of these points are important, how you engage customers and how you embrace technology are worth further consideration. 

Mulcahy quotes Bank of America’s CEO as saying, “We’re a technology company wrapped around a great bank.” The point here is that no matter what industry you’re in, everything your organization does is not just affected by technology, but completely immersed in it. How you embrace technology will impact your success in every area of your business.

Your customer relationship management (CRM) software is the meeting point between how you engage customers and how you embrace technology. Successful implementation and adoption of your CRM are critical to how your business will optimize its operations to give your customers a better experience. 

Mulcahy says it best, “In a product-centric world, these business practices optimize how you manufacture, market, sell, and service your products. In a customer-centric world, you still need to do all of that, but you also have to think about those activities from the customer’s perspective.”

Salesforce CRM can help you shift from a product-centric approach to a customer-centric one. It can help you capture the data you need to better understand your prospects and customers, while also giving you the tools to effectively engage with them.

Salesforce’s power is in its ability to unite various departments around the customer, simplify your processes, and give you a leaner tech stack that reduces the number of apps you’re using across your entire company.

The pandemic has changed consumer expectations and behavior. If you’re not properly equipped with the right software, you’re making it harder on yourself to gain traction with your customers and be successful in a world that’s now shaped by the impact of COVID-19.

Read Mulcahy’s article to learn more about the disciplines you need to emerge stronger post-pandemic.

Learn about Ventas’s implementation services and managed services to find out how we can help you use Salesforce to thrive in the new normal.


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