Integrating Critical Tools to Salesforce On-time and Under Budget
January 2017

Across time zones and continents, Gemalto protects businesses, governments and two billion people from data breaches and identity theft. By relying on Gemalto, clients in 180 countries can offer trusted and secured digital services so that their customers and citizens can enjoy their digital lifestyles. Put simply, through authentication and protection Gemalto offers the “security to be free.”

Gemalto had been acquired in 2014 and as part of the acquisition they needed to get a new instance of Salesforce stood-up and integrated into our other marketing tools. Beyond the technical challenges there were the change management issues surrounding integrating processes, teams and various campaigns into the larger organization. They needed not just a technical partner, but a business partner who could act as an impartial voice in helping with process design, technical configuration, training & support.

Gemalto had about 3 months to get a new instance of Salesforce configured and working. This meant creating all new data flows, reporting dashboards, custom objects…then plugging it into Marketo (their chosen marketing automation system), Recurly (our subscription billing management system) and our product itself (we sell a SaaS application and wanted to pull data from it into Salesforce). The product integration itself should have taken 3 months, but somehow they pulled it off.

Ventas was able to complete this large undertaking on schedule by focusing on:

  • Business processes and how ‘much’ already existed in the various systems. This allowed us to save time and $ by not ‘starting from scratch’.
  • Being diligent in how they approached the integration design system to tie the tools together.
  • Creating manageable milestones and blending internal and Ventas resources to shorten completion time(s) and save consulting dollars.

By delivering this project on time and under budget Ventas helped demonstrate “The art of the possible” with Salesforce–and justified its investment to new leadership. Because of that experience Ventas is now the “outsourced” Salesforce admin. This allows us to pay a fraction of what we could for a full time Admin and still get 100% ROI on the admin work–as we only spend when we use it and need to. Ventas is a partner that we rely on for all things Salesforce and everything that touches Salesforce.


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