3 Simple Tips for a Better Salesforce End User Experience

As our workdays and months go by, we tend to get so far into the weeds of our daily tasks that we forget to make our systems evolve with our business. Salesforce is no exception. As the system enhances with each new release, do we enhance our end user experience along with the changes? Here are three simple tips to keep making your end user experience the best it can be.

Tip #1  Make it Simple

We are all guilty of wanting to see more data, more information, and more details of certain records in Salesforce. So we keep adding more fields and more requirements without looking at the current data points being collected. In the end, what does this do? It makes inputting data time consuming and redundant. The answer is easy – Simplify your layouts. Simplify the data that your busy end users have to input. Review and take inventory of the layouts for each main object you use in Salesforce and clean it up!

Tip #2  Make it worth their time

Data cleanliness is essential for your end users to trust Salesforce. Our end users are so bogged down with the day-to-day tasks that they need to trust and rely on Salesforce to feed them accurate data to help within their job functions. Make a plan to remove duplicate data, require key fields for proper reporting and update dashboards to show up to date information.

 Also, let’s not forget that Salesforce was made for automation! Create workflows and processes to decrease manual tasks. Evaluate those manual processes in place and replace them with automated actions. End users will appreciate anything that saves them time.

Tip #3  Make it the “Go-To” system

Integration of all systems into one central place is essential. When an end user has to go to various systems to find information, one of those many systems stops being valuable to them. Don’t let that system be Salesforce that goes by the wayside. Salesforce has a great ability to integrate and show data from many different databases – take advantage of these features! End users will love seeing all aspects of their customers or contacts in one nice dashboard. Give them that experience!

Bonus:  Train, Train, Train

With new features and enhancements released every season, training is key to keep those end users engaged. With each new Salesforce release comes a plethora of additional features that create a better end user experience. Set aside time each quarter for a training session or refresher course for your end users.

 These are just a few tips to enhance your end user experience. If you find that these tips are helpful but need assistance with implementing or executing, let us help you.


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