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Every THURSDAY Starting JUNE 28th – AUGUST 30st @ 12 p.m. CST

Veteran Summer Jam ’18

Tune in each week to receive valuable content from our list of presenters. Speakers or topics are subject to change.

June 28th – “Entrepreneurship for Veterans”

Sabrina Marshal-Wojtewicz: Bunker Labs, MilSpouse, Servant Leader – 

Bunker Labs Austin is an organization that helps military veterans start and grow businesses. 25% of men and women on active duty express a desire to start a business when they separate from the military. Bunker Labs is a chapter organization in multiple cities that support the creation of a local ecosystem for veterans pursuing entrepreneurship.

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August 2nd – “Adding Value to Your Next Chapter in Life”

Quincy D. Harper, Sr:  USO, US Air Force Veteran, Pathfinder Transition Scout

Since 1941, the USO has strengthened America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation. From the moment they join, through their assignments and deployments, and as they transition back to their communities, the USO is always by their side. We are the Force Behind the Forces. Quincy’s experience is in managing people, resources and facilities globally. With a diverse background in project management, facilitating processes and mentoring, Quincy thrives on connecting people with the right resources to enrich their lives. Always advocating for veterans, the homeless, the less fortunate and people who are in search of a better life. “People are the GREATEST asset, invest in them and watch the reward”.

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July 5th – “Finding Passion with Non-Profits”

Lisa Wallace:, US Navy Veteran, Nonprofit Account Director, Equality Champion, Vetforce Veteran Advocate

Salesforce’s cloud, social and mobile technologies unleash whole new possibilities for world-changers. The mission of, a self-sustaining social enterprise model of technology and philanthropy, is to maximize our impact in the world by putting these transformative tools in the hands of nonprofit innovators. As an experienced quota-carrying account executive, I manage nonprofit accounts by growing and establishing new business through executive relationships and creative solutions. I meet nonprofits at the point where their vital missions and underlying technologies intersect to overcome the greatest obstacles to creating the change our world asks of us.

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August 9th – “Job Placement Tips for Veterans”

Anne-Marie Russo: Jewish Vocation Services, Talent Tech Specialist

The JVS Technology Programs are funded by a multi-million, multi-year Department of Labor grant. The goal of the programs is to move under-employed or unemployed job seekers into career-path jobs through technology training. Anne-Marie builds relationships with employers to facilitate placement of program graduates in Salesforce Administration, Digital Marketing and Business Administration. These programs offer robust curriculum that attract top local talent. In particular, the Salesforce Administration Certification program boasts a 95% pass rate for the Salesforce Admin Certification Exam. JVS is also proud to be a Salesforce Academic Alliance partner.

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July 12th – “Now let’s get this straight..why do you want to hire me exactly?

Vets deserve to know the bottom line”

Carin Sendra:, USAF Veteran, Team & Leadership Development

Carin is a USAF Veteran that served active duty on a special duty assignment to the Commander. Upon completion of my time in service, she decided to continue my core competencies of team leadership and development by contracting with the Department of Defense as their lead Training Officer on multiple deployments overseas. Carin has worked for Black Hawk, Inc. as their Team Development Manager and enjoyed creating high-performance teams and exceeding performance metrics. Her personal passions lie in serving the Veteran community and establishing a solid network of Military and Veteran supporters. She has a Master’s in Management and Ph.D. candidate in business administration and leadership. My targeted career title is Senior Director/V.P of Training and Leadership Development. Some of my past time hobbies include; Veteran advocacy, writing articles for magazines, creative writing, traveling and health and fitness.

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August 16th – “Mentorship in Transition”

Evan Guzman: Veterati, The MiLBRAND Project

Veterati was designed to help accelerate career transition success by connecting U.S. Service Members & Military Spouses with grateful Americans who are also business professionals. The most powerful resource our military community has is other people. You! Join Veterati and help us eliminate the civilian and military divide. It’s time to say more than “Thank You For Your Service.” It’s time to served those who served us. Evan is a creative and critical thinker when it comes to achieving results. His niche is in identifying the right platforms, resources and strategies to accelerate the path for our military community to succeed in the civilian sector.

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July 19th – “Finding your passion in an ever-changing digital world”

Michael Bluemling Jr.(MHR): Published Author, US Army Veteran

Michael Bluemling Jr. (MHR) is a US Army Veteran, having served in the 1st Infantry Division as a Mechanized Infantry Non-Commissioned Officer. Michael has also written three inspirational self-help books: Turning the Page: Overcoming Abuse to Reach Life’s Fulfillment, Heart to Heart Journey with God, and Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian: A Road Map to Success for Veterans. His passion is in eliminating the abuse cycle for those in adverse circumstances, decreasing veteran suicide, increasing opportunities for transitioning service members/veterans, and impacting lives while sharing my experiences with others, is at the core of his values.

LinkedinMichael Bluemling Jr. Vets Success Summer Jam

August 23rd – “Unlocking Veteran Potential”

Lauren Schulz-Carnes: FourBlock, US Marine Corps

FourBlock Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that prepares transitioning veterans for careers in corporate America. We teach a semester long, university accredited course that assists student-veterans with obtaining competitive internships and full-time positions. Veterans across the country have enrolled in our program to begin new careers that matches their calling and maximizes their potential. We’re more than workshops and PowerPoints—we equip veterans with the right tools, but also provide the professional network needed to use them. 80% of our surveyed alumni say FourBlock inspired them to pursue more challenging careers and 87% say new career paths opened up as a result of FourBlock.

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July 26th – “Pay it Forward”

Tracey Ann Nazarenus: Valor for Veterans

Valor for Veterans is a veteran’s advocate group. We use the full circle from a fresh start to paying it forward theory that we created. We are a nationwide program which recognizes that it often takes a tribe to help those in need. So when we need more assistance in helping our veterans, we work with other nonprofits throughout the nation. In Valor for Veterans, we start by fixing the emergency problem(s) and then find out how the veteran and/or their family got into the situation they are in. We gather the resources they need from new jobs to benefits and other programs their families may find of assistance. As a program, if the problem is financial we often pay the bill(s) to get them caught up, and give them the fresh start they need by offering financial guidance to prevent the problem from happening again. We ask the veteran and/or their family to pay it forward by helping another veteran in the future.

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August 30th – 

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