All Things Salesforce March 2017 And Spring 17 Release

Spring 17 is All Around Us

You can’t tune into the Salesforce world without hearing Spring 17 Release! Salesforce has a significant release of new functionality three times per year. Once upon a time—when you were a baby admin—you might have dreaded these releases. More things to enable, decide about, read up on. Nowadays, you can hardly wait to see what they’ve dreamed up this time.

Much of what they release each time is things we’ve asked for. If you’ve ever put something up in the IdeaExchange you’ve contributed to Salesforce dreaming. If you’ve voted on some of these ideas, you’ve contributed to your own success. They review our ideas and voting, and voila! New functionality. See what was delivered in the Release Notes. Check out the IdeaExchange and participate in the dreaming.

I hope this isn’t a spoiler for you, but Lightning is Big! This release gets us even closer to the finish line for Lightning readiness. There’s so much new Lightning functionality that even the Classic holdouts are inching toward the Lightning Experience. It has features that make your eyes pop—User Interface that has it all, more beautiful dashboard components, fancy duplicate management. The Lightning bug will get you if you don’t watch out.

Right behind Lightning–or are they neck and neck—is Einstein. Of course Einstein is all about Artificial Intelligence—behind the scenes, in the back room, Einstein is taking data from anywhere and making sense of it in your Salesforce org. Here’s a short list, but as you know, Artificial Intelligence encompasses this and anything the mind can dream up. Do you need help with Predictive Lead Scoring, Opportunity insights, right on the page, Account Insights, like a spy!

There is a 500+ page Release Note pdf. It’s actually quite readable if you take it in chunks. My recommendation is to tune into the wealth of blog posts that pick out the biggies and even explain them so you can understand. And Salesforce has Release Webinars that feature nice people, smart people showing us the new features, how they look on the page, and how they work. These webinars together with Salesforce’s Release Trailhead Trails are generous gifts to us to give us more than a glimpse of the features and help us blaze that trail.

And some of our favorite blogposts about the Spring 17 Release. You may have your own—please share!

GearsCRM, Salesforce Ben, Salesforce Weekly, Wizard News—just to name a few. And we our own Sean Lee who adds his wisdom. If anyone can cast a light on the vast amount of info (500+ pages), read it or listen to it. Some of it even makes it fun to learn.