Spotlight on Patricia Boyce–Working in the Cloud at the Co-Op

Spotlight on Patricia Boyce

Patricia Boyce–working in the Cloud at the Co-Op


Patricia Boyce has been with Ventas Consulting almost from the beginning, joining in August, 2015. She is a Junior Admin and does a bunch of work “behind the scenes”. She claims Ventas Consulting and Salesforce as her third career. Patricia is a vital part of Ventas Consulting who is always pushing to learn more, finding new ways to help further the company goals. And she never fails to have a positive attitude.

After graduating from UT she went to work for the best department store in Austin, Scarbroughs, and rose through the ranks to buyer for Cosmetics–largest department in the store. Then, while doing youth work at a large downtown church in Austin, their bookshop needed a buyer, a true retailer. So,she spent several years enjoying that work. That work evolved into two seminary degrees. (you can call her Dr.  Patricia Boyce if you wish)

So, second career working with a nonprofit, The Front Porch, whose initial mission was to create a retail space–coffee, books, gifts, and events. This while working in two churches in her degree area–Congregational Development. Congregational Development is sort of like doing things that cause people to want to come to your church and stay there.

The nonprofit needed Salesforce and she set out on the lonely path of “solo admin in a nonprofit that doesn’t know what to do with Salesforce”. Then, she attended Dreamforce in 2011, started doing trainings, and got the bug. So far, she’s been to 5 Dreamforces, earned three Certifications and 41 Trailhead badges. She earned her Admin 201 Cert and Developer 401 in 2015 and Admin 211 in 2016. Next she’ll get the upgrade to Platform App Developer, then Service Cloud this year. Patricia has done a great job in transitioning her abilities from the non-profit Salesforce world to a more business focused approach in the last 12+ months.

Just after her Admin 201 certification, a friend and study partner and colleague of David Franklin, introduced them and she started the Ventas Consulting path. Patricia has experience in Vertical Response and other basic admin things and offered to do these for Ventas Consulting in those early months. Patricia is very adaptable and focused on doing anything she can to help improve the Company. One such project is helping Vets2Cloud become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. She is doing preliminary paperwork for that assault on the IRS.

It is her goal to gain additional experience in Salesforce to be a Senior Admin. Meanwhile, Patricia still sees herself as learning missing Salesforce puzzle pieces from the experts at Ventas Consulting.

On a personal note, Patricia has two grown children that she is proud of and Hedy, her neurotic German Shepherd. She loves to snow ski, fancies herself a writer, and would dream of travel.

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