Ongoing 1-1-1 Project with Operation Supply Drop

Ventas Consulting working to make Operation Supply Drop even better

Because Ventas Consulting is committed to veterans, and is dedicated to the Salesforce standard of giving back through their 1-1-1 program, we have committed a team to deploy a 1-1-1 Project. For this commitment, we have chosen nonprofit, Operation Supply Drop. We created a team of Ventas Consulting veterans and OSD enthusiasts to manage all of the customizing and added functionality that they will need to be successful and efficient in their mission.

OSD is a nonprofit with a mission “to build lasting networks with the larger community to drive mutual support for today’s military, their families, and the veteran population.” Their original program provides military bases with video games in response to a growing need from our deployed troops “desiring generationally relevant gear from back home.” And also to create a community of gamers who can stay connected to this community when they return to civilian life.

The Ventas Consulting team has joined into their enthusiasm for creating positive community for veterans all over the country. For this, the team has utilized the Nonprofit Success Pack, enabling them to run efficiently and generate the records and reports that a Nonprofit needs. Our team is helping them customize their org to track their data, process and track donations, enlist volunteers, create campaigns and events to fundraise and engage their wider community.

About Operation Supply Drop

Shipping video games is just one of their programs. They have processes  to work with veterans through their transition and into finding their new “tribe.” Their programs directly touch on Mental Health, Homeless and Employment for Veterans and their families, encouraging community service and accountability to one’s peers. These values and goals align with Ventas Consulting’s veteran’s organization, Vets2Cloud, an apprenticeship program helping veterans enter the workplace as Salesforce Business Consultants.  Learn more about Operation Supply Drop.

Operation Supply Drop