White-Labeled CUSTOMER SUPPORT for ISV's

Ventas Consulting Is Your White-Labeled Customer Support Services Resource

We Give Our Salesforce AppExchange Partners and ISV’s

Hands-on Implementation Support & Exceptional Customer Care

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We Are Your Support Team

You focus on the build and sales of the product. We'll focus on everything else!

It’s no doubt there’s plenty of excitement as you build and grow, but management also becomes more complicated.  As your onboarding becomes more complex, keeping your eye on the ball is certainly more of a challenge.

We eliminate the need for you to build and manage a comprehensive customer care team and process in-house for your ISVs and App development companies.  We are your resource!

Here's how we integrate within your existing framework:  In perfect harmony, we step in after the sale is completed.  We'll onboard, install, and configure your new customer's app.  We'll ensure that he is happy. Your customers will enjoy our real-time, on-demand technical support and training. 

With our customized knowledge base developed by the integration of your app and their existing business systems, we’ll have them running smoothly and enjoying their enhanced capabilities while you’re focusing on your next new client.

How We Work with You

Keep your focus on building and selling your products and turn over the implementation and customer care to us.

It’s that simple!





On-Board Customers

This is the installation and implementation of your app into their existing systems.


Here’s where we show the client everything they need to know to fully utilize the newly integrated app.

Integration & Customization

Your app aligned and smoothly functioning with their business goals.

Retain Clients

Keep customers happy with consistent service and efficient technical support

White Labeled Support

Providing a Seamless Transition from Sales to Support, all with your company's name & brand; not ours

Knowledge Base Creation

Customer FAQ’s are assembled, evaluated and transformed into best practices to provide greater value and efficiency

Onboarding New Customers

Install and Implement

Once a new deal has closed, the relationship is only just beginning, and making sure you have a process in place to successfully onboard and service new accounts vastly increases the odds that a new customer will stay, resulting in increased long-term revenue-generating opportunities.

Whether it’s onboarding new buyers to ensure they fully understand and utilize your product, or simply fielding incoming requests and inquiries to keep your existing customers happy, your Ventas Customer Service Department is committed to holding on to those valuable customers you worked so diligently to gain.

Integration & Customization

Align Your Product with Their Business Goals

When it comes to your customers, long-term relationships are key. Ventas Consultings ongoing customer support extends the impact, value and stickiness of your app by integrating with your customers’ other business applications and data sources.

A supported client is a happy client, and a happy client will stay with your company long-term. Our deep understanding of your application and your customer’s business processes allows our team to integrate your product into their overall business process and to truly become a solution that they will learn to rely and depend on.

Training & Best Practices

Client Facing Product Training and Orientation

Dedicated support and training for your customers from a team that knows how to integrate and customize your app. Let us facilitate bringing on new clients by deploying programs to educate them on the implementation and utilization of your product or service. We can conduct online training sessions via screen share, lead webinars for large groups. We educate ourselves fully on your company’s offerings and are capable of functioning as your internal customer service team.

You Build It & Sell It

...we'll take it from there.

Trust Ventas with your AppExchange product and implementation support.

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White Labeled Customer Service

Providing a Seamless Transition from Sales to Support

We act as an extension of your team, to provide support on your behalf with phone numbers and email that you control.
Rather than simply providing “outsourced” support services, we’ve cultivated a professional environment in which we collaborate with you to learn not only about your product, but about your company, so we can provide white-labeled support that your sales team can be confident in when a prospect seamlessly transitions into becoming a happy and satisfied customer.

Your dedicated customer service department will educate themselves fully on your company and product in order to provide a seamless experience for customers and protect your brand. We can facilitate bringing on new clients by deploying programs to educate them on the implementation and utilization of your product or service, while you focus on making the next sale.

Knowledge Base Creation

Customer FAQ’s are assembled, evaluated and transformed into best practices to provide greater value and efficiency.

You have the option to provide us with the proper technical documents that detail your product so we can absorb all the information or we can create our own guidebook based on explicit information also provided by you.

This allows us to have the ability to assist your customers with any issues they may be faced with in the near future. We have the ability to communicate effectively with your customers and solve any mounting issues you and your organization may not have the current ability or time to do. We pride ourselves in having technical support agents that are both conversant and experienced and who provide a level of professionalism your customers deserve.

Retain Clients

Ongoing Support to Keep Customers Happy

Statistically speaking, it’s more expensive to bring on a new customer versus simply retaining an existing one. However, the truth is that it can be easy to unknowingly neglect current customers in favor of nurturing and closing new business. But with Ventas on your side, you can do both.

Our Customer Support specialists act as a dedicated extension to your existing team. We work to help onboard, train and support your customers with apps with your ensuring your company retains, optimizes, and grows its client base.

When You Need Us

We are ready to take on any task

From 7am-7pm (CT) new and existing clients can call, email or submit cases into your Ventas managed customer support center and engage with experienced Salesforce administrators who will help support them with any and everything related to your product.

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