Keep Learning The Salesforce Spring ’17 Release

Salesforce Spring 17 Release Feats, Continued

We’re over a month into this Salesforce Spring ’17 Release. We hope you’re finding it as awesome as we are at Ventas Consulting. Not only is there big news like Einstein and Lightning Readiness, but everywhere you turn there is a tweak or improvement to love.

Collaborative Forecasting in Lightning

Do you use Forecasting in your business and/or Salesforce org? Use Collaborative Forecasts to manage sales expectations and to predict and plan your company’s sales cycle from pipeline to close. A forecast is an expression of expected sales revenue based on the gross rollup of a set of opportunities.  Are you using Lightning? Another good reason to start is the release of Collaborative Forecasting in the Lightning experience with Spring ’17.

More Kanban and Path in Lightning

Do you love those Kanban views of progress through a process–sales, leads, opportunities, etc? Now get Kanban views of processes you dream up. And, what if at each stage of a process you could add coaching on how to successfully move the deal forward?  As of Spring ’17 you can make this happen–but only in Lightning!

Social Support for Facebook Reviews

Does your company have a presence on Facebook? Of course it does. How do you keep track of all the great things people are saying about you?  With Social Studio, you can actively manage your Facebook page reputation, filter and reply to reviews that need attention, see what people are talking about, and build relationships.

Lightning List Inline Editing

Don’t you love List Views — those handy mini-reports that help organize your records?  Now you can do in-line editing in the Lightning Experience!  Edit a record without opening it, search in Lookup fields, and create records on the fly.

Sign on to Quip in Salesforce

Don’t you just love Quip? Wait you don’t know about Quip! We like to think of it as a “document manager on steroids”. Manage and share documents so your team is always on the same page. A Quip component on your Lightning or Classic page, allows you to add or manage documents pertinent to opportunities or accounts. Make lists or rich text documents, bring your Salesforce data into a document, or your document into Salesforce.  Spreadsheets that stand alone or embed have flexibility beyond sheets you may be used too. And a folder system to satisfy the orderliness gene in our most organized team member. Quip!

This is a quick dash through some new functionality in Spring ’17 that you’ll want for your team. There are so many ways to learn about these features besides reading the 509 pages of readiness notes, but if you need something explained in depth–this is your guide! We have enjoyed using the Spring ’17 Release Preview with it’s great tables of new features, expanded detail pages for features you get interested in, and many quick videos to show the features in action. There’s no reason to be in the dark. Salesforce encourages us to “Blaze a Trail” through their amazing innovations. Speaking of that, Trailhead has awesome modules to walk you through some of the features of Spring ’17 (and a bunch of other releases too!)