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Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar storefront, an e-commerce business with a broad virtual footprint, or a start-up venture in the Silicon Hills, your core needs are the same: a data solution that’s lean, agile, and on budget.

CloudCo-op’s Quickstart for Emergent/Small Businesses provides a robust and fully functional database solution for client/customer management, vendor fulfilment, predicting leads and opportunities, sales quotes, new media outreach, and more; all in one streamlined tool set.

As the #1 customer management software package, Salesforce provides a single solution for your E/SB challenges. Salesforce is:

This brief text blurb emphasizes the strength of Salesforce as a mobile platform, highlighting its strengths to on-the-road executives and operatives pursuing leads and opportunities in the field.

This text blurb focuses on how Salesforce is not simply a $5000 solution for your needs right now, but a solution used at every level, from Mom and Pop to Fortune 100 companies, and will adapt to your needs as your business grows.

Paragraph emphasizing both the customized nature of the QuickStart solution and the ability of SalesForce to scale up to meet the company’s needs as the administrator’s skills increase. We’ll also provide you with a roadmap to growth as a part of your wrap-up work with the team.

This text block emphasizes the benefits of Salesforce as a one-source solution: increased connectivity between departments, reduced training and learn time, etc.

CloudCo-Op’s Cloud Quickstart for E/SBs provides a mix of best-practice  and customized tools, guaranteeing a solution that is reliable, tailored, and cost-effective:

Salesforce E/SB QuickStart Features

Based on your in-house talent and the amount of customizing required for your enterprise, the time required for discernment, implementation, and fulfilment may vary. We assume a standard deployment of Salesforce requires 40 hours for our talented Cirrus [tier three or otherwise titled, Eric & Patti level] Consultants. Your individual needs may vary, and will be addressed in your free 30-minute Keystone consultation.

While full database literacy isn’t required for a CloudCo-Op QuickStart deployment, your institutional knowledge and understanding of your organization’s data needs will influence how we present our information and how quickly you are able to fully implement SalesForce. A team with prior SalesForce experience can implement more quickly and with greater comfort than a team moving from an informal collection of spreadsheets and paper records.

Teams without an experienced database administrator may need to consider adding data migration services and additional training to their core QuickStart package.

  • Full [ithoughts_tooltip_glossary-glossary]Salesforce Implementation[/ithoughts_tooltip_glossary-glossary]
  • Business Process Review
  • Define Governance, Security and User Roles
  • Lead Management & Conversion
  • Campaign Management
  • Account & Contact Structure
  • Opportunity Management
  • Field Tracking
  • Page Layout Design
  • Case Management for internal routing
  • Up to 3 Standard Object Designs
    • Field Creation
    • Field Mapping/Tracking
    • Page Layout Design
  • 6 Reports and 1 Dashboard
  • 4 Hours Online Recorded Training (User and Admin)
  • 2 Month Adoption Support (4 hours)

Major game-changing upsells: data migration, new app, multiple installs, etc.

Low-grade but recommended upsells: extra custom objects, workflows, etc etc. Ideally this will be tailored to the specific standard needs of the E/SB “community.”

Contact CloudCo-Op today for your free 30-minute Keystone consultation, and get your business on the path to enterprise success!

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