Dreamforce DF16

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DF16 Top 10 Tips for new attendees and those of us that never listened to their mothers.

1. Relax, you’re in San Francisco attending Dreamforce – enjoy what the city has to offer. Visit San Francisco Travel to plan ahead.

2. Buy your shoes now and start breaking them in. Shop now!

3. Once you leave your room be prepared to be out until after dinner.

4. Charge, re-charge – buy a portable charger and stop to charge when you’re by an outlet.

5. All Dreamforce sessions and keynotes will be posted online so you will not miss anything. Breathe

6. Arrive a day early so you can get adjusted, checked-in (hotel/conference) and get your bearings.

7. Meet new people, follow up and join a user group. A must see is the Admin Zone!

8. Take advantage of all the AppExchange partners on the exhibitor floor. The Salesforce zone has amazing carpet that you will appreciate.

9. Don’t skip the concert, it’s paid for.

10. Eat well and drink plenty of water, Pack power snacks for the day.

Enjoy Dreamforce and remember to also follow us on twitter

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