Cloud Growth

Expanding Services Into The Cloud with Ventas Consulting

Salesforce Cloud Growth

is designed for Salesforce Clients within the first three to five years.

Maybe you want to expand your services to your team by implementing a new business process, adopt additional applications, build out custom integrations or establish a governance and adoption policy. For some, their initial implementation has fallen flat and adoption is tanking. Poor adoption doesn’t mean Salesforce was a bad decision. Consider the TCO and how we can help you growth and not abandoned your CRM.

Total Cost of Ownership

Salesforce outpaces other CRM’s around the 3-5 year mark.

Before this time, the price against the returned value may not be mature enough to distinguish your desired ROI. It is at this time that a new client needs to implement governance guidelines and adoption strategies to ensure their investment is protected. Several factors can drive sentiment down for your investment, but it finally boils down to your ability to absorb change within your company on a continual basis. When someone receives training 80% of that knowledge is lost after six months if not utilized. Salesforce produces three major releases each year for which you have paid but possibly failed to execute, or provide training. Incorporating a training process within the tool and environment that reinforces this knowledge is key to continued successful adoption of Salesforce.

Change management is critical

costly and disruptive if not scheduled into your purchase of Salesforce.

You need a stable platform that builds confidence in your employees’ usage and you need the administration in all three areas listed below.  Salesforce is not a “purchase and leave alone” application. It is configured for the majority of business practices but not specifically tailored to your business.

– Training
– Release Management
– Feature Request and Bug Fixes

We help you focus on turning your ship around with our Salesforce Cloud Growth Service. Reinforcing and strengthening your administrator’s or business owner’s management of the tool. Our initial Governance and Security Checks will provide an artifact that describes your current environment and recommended steps to move forward. Our Business Process Review is key to discovering each department’s role in utilizing Salesforce and what they need each day–from usage to Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Contact us today to help in your Salesforce growth and investment so you can focus on what your company does best and what your employees enjoy the most.

Do more with Cloud Growth.

Overwhelmed and not even sure where to start?

Whether you’re just getting started, looking to increase adoption, or seeking ways to integrate Salesforce with other parts of your business, we can help.