All Things Salesforce – May 2017

Salesforce Summer 17 Release

What! Summer 17 Already!

Salesforce Spring 17

We haven’t caught our breath from all the improvements and new functionality presented in the Spring 17 Release. And Salesforce is already getting us ready for Summer 17! But we can do this. As with all releases into your org, you need a plan.


Slow down! It’ll be ok. There’s still time to scour the Spring release notes to find all the hidden gems. There are so many release note versions and blogs sharing the wonders to be found this spring. This one walks you through each cloud with a listing of features and a Learn More link to details.

Summer 17 Cometh

You may not know that your sandboxes may have been updated to the new Summer 17 Preview.. Some sandboxes were automatically updated; some were updated by request. What’s that all about? Read up on Sandbox Upgrades in this Salesforce blog. Or if you want to get the whole story about Salesforce Releases–how to know when they’re happening or how to know when they’re happening to you, and what to do to prepare–get familiar with Salesforce Trust. Some Salesforce releases happen seamlessly and magically in the background, but sometimes there is disruption in your usual service, or the release of a feature that you really need to know about in advance. Get familiar with Salesforce Trust.


Then you can begin to read about Summer 17 and all the new, exciting features that will be released this summer. Once more, there are the Release Notes, available in  PDF–a mere 536 pages studded with new functionality. Yes, that’s a lot to read, but it is readable and the reason it’s a lot to read is because there’s a bunch of improvements, upgrades and new features. Start reading this early, but remember Safe Harbor–get excited but make no purchases based on what you think is cool.

Digging In to Summer 17

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Much of what each release comprises are fixes for issues people have pointed out to Salesforce. It seems they scurry to fix things that don’t work or don’t do what we thought they would. Take a look at their Known Issues Fixes for Summer  17. Have an issue? Hit old faithful, Ctrl F and hunt for the fix!

If the 536 pages of Release Notes is just too daunting, there is a more hunt and peck version. And it’s never too early to check out the Salesforce Summer Release Notes feature list. An overview page with links to click to find the thing you’re interested in, and more links in the page to find details you’re interested on that page.  Be careful, you can go down the rabbit hole and get lost. But at the end of the thread, you’re still reminded that they “can’t guarantee general availability within any particular time frame” so back out of the hole and keep reading!