Monthly Spotlight – Tony Thomas

Tony Thomas is on a mission, to help as many organizations and people as possible embrace

During his nine-year career in the USAF he was stationed in Charleston, SC as an Air Crew Loadmaster Instructor. After transitioning out from active-duty Tony went “around the block a few times”, owning his own business, working as a General Manager and a Store Manager before landing on technology as his path forward.

Three years ago, Tony was contacted by Vets2Work; a non-profit organization that provides free Salesforce training to transitioned veterans. Knowing this would be his future, and having recently completed a Cisco certification; Tony was interested but hesitant about moving in another direction, particularly with a program he’d never heard of. So, he did his research – a lot of research, and decided that the training being offered was an amazing opportunity so he jumped right in.

Since 2014, Tony has gained three certifications; 201 Certified Administrator, 401 Certified Developer, and Service Cloud Consultant, and had the opportunity to work with Whole Foods. Based in Atlanta and while working with the Veterans Workshop, Tony went to a discussion being led by David Franklin, Founder & CEO of Ventas Consulting and Vets2Cloud.

Vets2Cloud takes over where Vets2Work leaves off after training in the course work; V2C assists veterans with on-the-job experience and mentoring in a way that makes the student’s learning more meaningful. It gives them the experience that so many organizations are looking for, and provides the learner with real-world job opportunities and the chance to broaden their general knowledge base on how to work outside the military.

Immediately after David’s session, Tony called David and said “sign-me up”, he knew that he wanted to be a part of the Vets2Cloud vision. He has worked with Ventas Consulting as part of the V2C program now for 2 years. During that time he has worked with organizations like Sirono, Lanyon and Rupel Properties, and has gained valuable real-world experience in project management, training, and assisting clients in building their dream CRM.

Tony, a self-proclaimed sports-junkie is a huge Dallas Cowboys football fan and has often coached little-league teams for his five kids. He has been married for 20 years and is soon to be an empty-nester.

If you are interested in speaking with Tony about a potential job opportunity, or are interested in the Vets2Cloud program for yourself or someone you know please reach out to us at: