3 Simple Tips for a Better Salesforce End User Experience

Ventas Consulting | February 21, 2018

Like most we all get busy with the day-to-day action items and projects that we sometimes forget about our end users who may have daily frustrations using Salesforce. Here are just a few tips to help you create a better Salesforce end user experience.

Tip #1 – Create Training Opportunities Through-Out the Year

We can’t stress this enough, business user training should happen at the very least every quarter. With multiple new feature releases from Salesforce during the year there is bound to be something new that you can teach your team and colleagues. Through training you can also learn what processes are working and what is not. It doesn’t hurt to make sure everyone is using the system efficiently.

Tip #2 Standardizing Picklist Values for Better Reporting

Next on our list is standardizing data entry values for field picklists. The data is only as good as what is put in and if most of the data values are misspelled or only in there once, you can’t accurately report or categorize your database for sales or marketing. And let’s face it dirty data has a lasting effect on your Salesforce environment. You can start by creating standard values for Country or State/Province if you haven’t already done this.

Tip #3 Add Field Level-Help Text & Documentation

This is probably the easiest thing you can do within your Salesforce environment, but sometimes the most daunting and tedious task. No one really enjoys creating documentation, but can you remember why you did something a year go? Or why that particular field isn’t only visible to certain users? Documenting fields and workflows not only helps you remember but it will help anyone else who may need to know.

Field level-help can help your end users understand what each field means and what kind of values go into those fields. This can also help improve data quality for the field values since you’ve provided guidance on what the value for the field should be. You can easily create the tips and hint if you go into the field edit area and find the field called field level-help to enter in your tip and hint about the field.

Bonus: Applications to try.

There are ton of apps on appexchange that you can use to solve almost any business problem that you have in salesforce. For instance Field Trip can help you analyze fields and find out what percentage of your fields have data values. You can also use this tool to find fields that are not being used in the system and delete them if necessary. Of course you’ll need to check with your end users first before you delete them.

These are just a few tips to help you get started. If you’d like to learn more about what other best practices that you could be implementing, contact us.