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1-1-1 Project with Operation Supply Drop
Almost Completed

Operation Supply Drop

Ventas Consulting walks the talk. The talk at Salesforce is to give back to community often and generously. All staff are encouraged to give 1% of their work time to charity or good causes. The company itself has enabled thousands of nonprofits to utilize the power of Salesforce with the NPSP—NonProfit Success Pack through their 1-1-1 grants for ten free seats in an NPSP instance.
Last October, David Franklin, founder of Ventas Consulting, encouraged his team of veterans, through our Vets2Cloud apprenticeship program, and other senior staff to work with nonprofit Operation Supply Drop, as they undertook the revival of their sluggish NPSP instance. The team worked closely with Executive Director Glenn Banton to learn their pains, needs and desired outcomes.

We integrated Classy and Mail Chimp, mapped and synced historical data into Salesforce, and watched as success happened. What to do with all the duplications created—Senior Admin, Andy Davidson, worked some DemandTools magic. And when Glenn wanted to have quick access to facts and data so they could react faster to donors and supporters, the team created reports and scheduled dashboards so data is at their fingertips, in a clear visual way.

The Executive Director Shares:

Glenn is watching as his formerly disparate data worlds are now synchronized and showing up in reportable, visible ways. He had this to say about our work with his veteran’s organization and our Veteran apprentices’ work:

“Our organization, Operation Supply Drop, has benefitted directly from the team behind Vets2Cloud while implementing a Salesforce.com integration with multiple other internal platforms. Their work allows us currently to better manage our support base and communications, and in the future will address challenges surrounding inventory controls and program management. All of this work increases our abilities to serve more veterans through our programs, more effectively and efficiently.
In addition to their capabilities, the intent of enabling training and apprenticeships for veterans is a key component in the value system we believe is critical to truly address the needs of our veterans.”

At Ventas Consulting, we have been proud to walk the talk with another organization that does the same. And we hope to find another worthy 1-1-1 Project soon.