Salesforce 1-1-1 in Ventas Consulting’s April News

Do we at Ventas Consulting believe in Salesforce’s 1-1-1 model of giving back to the community?

Yes we do. Salesforce encourages their staff and all of us to give back some of the awesomeness of Salesforce. They say, “Leverage Salesforce’s technology, people, and resources to help improve communities around the world.” We embrace that model and want to invite you along. The stories of what the nonprofits are doing are always uplifting and matter to the common good.

Ventas Consulting is winding up a Salesforce 1-1-1 project with Operation Supply Drop. Busy executives there needed someone else to focus on customizing their Salesforce org and integrate some special apps to keep good track of all they do. Their mission:”In response to a growing need from our deployed troops requesting generationally relevant gear from back home, Operation Supply Drop was founded in 2010.  Our focus; delivering “Video Game Care Packages Downrange.” Their broader mission now is to continue the camaraderie created by these gamers as they return to civilian life in their various communities. With events, more activities, mentoring, and ways for them to give back.

Senior Consultant, Andy Davidson was doing some volunteering of his own with non profit, Passion Missions. As he talked to the leaders it seemed obvious to him that they needed Salesforce. Ventas Consulting is midway in that project, helping them start over with their org and customize it to their needs. Their mission: “Loving others through service.” Opportunities to serve are everywhere and Passion Missions seeks out these opportunities and makes them readily available to join.

Patricia Boyce, a Ventas Consulting consultant, gives her time as Co-leader of the Austin Nonprofit User group, providing great training for nonprofit admins to gain the necessary skills. She also works with nonprofit, The Front Porch, as their Salesforce admin. The Front Porch’s mission: To cultivate community one conversation at a time. On the Front Porch, they believe that we’re all hardwired to connect. So, they devote their time to creating meaningful chances to gather and discuss what needs to be discussed–in concerts, small gatherings and topic driven events.

We also learn as we work with our Nonprofit friends!

At Ventas Consulting, as we manage our Salesforce 1-1-1 we are learning the many awesome qualities of the Nonprofit Success Pack, that great Salesforce platform, created by Salesforce and given to nonprofits–10 Enterprise seats free! In our work we also recently discovered that awesome tool, Demand Tools is completely free to nonprofits. Now that’s newsl

Demand Tools is the power toolset for administrators. Data quality & data cleansing is a huge part of being a Salesforce Administrator. Demand Tools has made managing data not such a daunting task. DemandTools works in Developer, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited versions of Salesforce. DemandTools contains modules for normalization, data deduplication, comparison, import, export, and standardization, mass delete to name just a few. And, happily, DemandTools is free for nonprofits and is a must have for Salesforce Administrators.